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Sewage ejector pump - Vertical pumps, horizontal pumps May 02, 2017· The Vertiflo Pump Company offers a rugged, dependable Model 700 industrial vertical non-clog sewage ejector pump for service in industrial wastes, sanitary wastes, process wastes and rendering wastes. The Model 700 is designed for long life in tough services with heads to 100 feet TDH and flows to 1500 GPM. 1.5 inch (Model 724) and 1.25 inch (Model 720) diameter shaft sizes are Non-Clog Vertical and Horizontal Heavy Duty Pumps Smart The Smart Turner Pumps Inc Non Clog Pump is designed to handle liquids such as sewage, sludge, pulp, stock, or food stuffs containing up to 3 inch or larger diameter solids. High efficiency and hydraulic stability allow application of each model with the appropriate bearing housing to ensure smooth, trouble free operation with the minimum of maintenance. 4-Inch Non-Clog Slurry Pump - USA Made - EDDY Pump The 4-Inch heavy-duty slurry pump by EDDY Pump. Close coupled or flex coupled versi

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Non-Clog vs. Vortex Impeller Choices for Sewage Pump Apr 20, 2020Non-clog impellers come in many shapes and sizes. Shown here is the multi-vane semi-open impeller. These impellers can pass solid spheres from 2” to 4” depending on the pump size. They are made to pump what is expected to be in a toilet. Non-clog pump impellers fling the sewage through the discharge pipe using centrifugal action. NON-CLOG WASTEWATER PUMPS NON-CLOG WASTEWATER PUMPS SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE PUMPS are designed for pumping sewage, sludge, effluent, or surface water, including liquids containing high solids or fibrous content. VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL Flood-proof installation for pump NS : Non Clog Submersible Pump : Submersible Pump : Pumps These are single stage, single suction pumps with overhung non-clogging impeller. Pumps can be offered in stationary as well as transportable arrangements. The stationary arrangement is supplied with pump connector unit and the connector unit is connected to pump support bracket

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Barnes Pumps 4SE-L / 4SE-HL Horizontal Sewage Pump Barnes 4SE-L, 4SE-HL & 4SE-DS Submersible Non Clog Sewage Ejector Pump with a 4" Horizontal Discharge and 1 1/2" to 3 " Shperical Solids Handling capabilites designed for typical raw sewage pumping applications. Jasco / Non Clog Sewage Submersible Pump Non Clog Sewage Submersible Pump (JSE series) Submerged Centrifugal Pump (JSC series) Polder Submersible Pump (JDP series) Portable Dewatering Pump (JPDP series) Portable Submersible Pump (JPS series) Horizontal Split Casing Centrifugal Pump (JHSC series) Pentair Aurora 651 Horizontal One Stage Solids-Handling Pump 651 Horizontally Baseplate Mounted with a Driver Flexibly Coupled to Pump; Medium Duty for Sludge and Slurry Pumping Horizontal and Vertical One Stage Non-Clog - Model 651,652,653 and 654 Download Brochure. Repair Manual: Horizontal One Stage Non-Clog - Model 651 Download Manual. Operation Manual: Sewage Pumps - Series 600 Download Manual Non Clog Pumps - Sponge Ball Pumps -

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Sewage & Wastewater Tsurumi Pump Sewage Pumps C Series Tsurumi C Series Cutter Pump™ is solids handling non-clog submersible pump with a unique tungsten carbide tipped single or multi-vane impeller & high chrome serrated wear plate for shredding of solids. Solids Handling (Non Clog) Pumps Smith Pump Company, Inc. Founded in 1962 by Thomas G. Smith, P.E. Smith Pump Company, Inc. has grown to become a leader of sales and service in water, wastewater and industrial markets. We strive for a family-like culture and have assembled a strong team of employees. Power-Flo Submersible Non-Clog 4" Flanged Sewage Pumps Power-flo Pumps series PF4NC, 4" flanged horizontal discharge submersible non-clog sewage pump designed for typical raw sewage applications; 3" spherical solids with double mechanical seals; 4.5 HP, 7.5 HP 11.3 HP and 15HP, 1750RPM, 60Hz. Include normally open (N/O) moisture sensor contact and normally closed (N/C) temperature sensor contact. Power-Flo Submersible Non-Clog 4" Flan

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